Here are ten quick tips to help in Trade Show event planning. If you find this information helpful and would like to know more, we now offer a directional CD tool entitled “Event Professional“. Formatted for both PC and MAC users, this exciting new program puts valuable knowledge at the fingertips of both rookie and seasoned tradeshow managers. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving Event Professional – completely free of charge.

  1. Do Your Homework.
    Gather statistics and demographics about a show’s previous attendees and participants in order to evaluate its potential.

  2. Be Informed.
    Contact the organizer to check whether they are running a pre-show exhibitor workshop. Get the date into your calendar and make sure you attend.

  3. Plan Your Booth.
    Prepare your design brief. Remember to provide your display supplier with measurements as well as details about images, logos and text.

  4. Consider Timing.
    Look ahead at any other events scheduled in the show area. Make sure that conflicting events won’t severely impact attendance to your event.

  5. Know Where You’re Going.
    Setting clear objectives for the show gives you a way to measure your results and assess your return on investment. This will enable you to plan more effectively for the show as well as giving you targets to aim for.

  6. Push the Paper.
    Bring all paperwork relevant to your show – copies of plans, service orders, shipping tracking numbers, contacts names, and phone and fax numbers.

  7. Get Accustomed.
    Customs inspection and clearance procedures can be slow; allocate extra time if you are shipping exhibition materials or collateral internationally.

  8. Power Up.
    The electrical contractor can advise you how much electricity to order for your booth. Just to be safe, always order more than you think you’ll need.

  9. A Penny Saved…
    Be realistic with the amount you have budgeted toward your exhibition. Ask your display supplier where it’s appropriate to cut back expenses.10.

  10. Play by the Rules.
    The “exhibitor manual” will tell you everything you need to know about the show: rules, regulations, required forms, and registration details. Meet your deadlines!
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